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Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Drawing Tablet Screen Protector

SKU: 3700-01
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Drawing Tablet Screen Protector

    30 Day - 100% Money Back Guarantee

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    Screen Protector FAQ's

    Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Drawing Tablet Screen Protector

    Single Piece with Kit Starting at $32.95

    *Price breaks start at 10 pieces.

    Pricing varies depending on the material type and other options chosen


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    Screen Protector for the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Drawing Tablet

    Chances are, you love your tablet, and you realize that the glass-fronted digital screen is vulnerable without protection of some kind. A tablet's portability means more potential situations to scratch or damage your screen. If you use your tablet in public places, consider a privacy filter to keep your information private.

    If using a screen protector on a device with a protective case, the size of the screen protector may need to be modified to fit within the frame of the protective case. This is because if pinched on the edge, the screen protector can distort, causing an air bubble to appear along the edge.

    Give yourself peace of mind from:

    • Blunt Force Impacts
    • Damage from Cleaning Products
    • Irreversible Scratches
    • Unwanted Abrasions
    • Irritating Fingerprints
    • Messy Hands

    Photodon Touché™ Screen Protectors:

    • Quality tested and made of Best-in-Class material
    • Come with a small test sample to ensure the product you ordered meets your needs prior to installing
    • Are silicone backed for adhesion, leaving no residue
    • Are touchscreen compatible on 99% of devices
    • Can be precision laser cut to fit your device's screen
    • Have scratch-resistant coatings from 3 to 9H depending on material ordered
    • Have pull tabs for easy liner removal
    • Have a 30 day money back guarantee and 18 month limited warranty

    Photodon's Touche protector line-up includes:

    • Anti-Glare for glare reduction. We offer multiple levels of anti-glare
    • Blue Light Blocking to help with eye health
    • Privacy Filters used to keep information private
    • Anti-Shock which reduces shock on the screen

    Depending on your needs, Photodon has a material type to cover your device's screen. If unsure about which material is best for you, we have a chart that breaks it down for your to help the decision process.

    Why choose Photodon for your screen protector needs?

    • Only high-quality material is used for our products
    • Our material has been tested over and over before we offer it to our customers
    • We can custom cut to any shape or size (up to 100" diagonal)
    • Offer a wide selection of material types
    • We offer many different installation kits and have carefully chosen which one to offer
    • Our kits can be used after the installation to maintain the screen protector
    • We send a small sample of your material type to try before installation
    • We have top notch, very responsive customer service
    • We offer sample packs so you can test our screen protectors
    • We offer B2B discounts for orders or 10+
    • Your purchase is supporting jobs in the USA  American Flag

    Did you know that in addition to offering a wide variety of high-quality material, Photodon offers several different services?

    Product Name Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16 16-inch Drawing Tablet Screen Protector
    Photodon Part # 3700-01
    Included in Order
    • Screen Protector(s) cut to fit
    • Screen protector test piece
    • Installation instructions
    • Installation supplies
    Film Size 16"
    Color Transparent
    Packaging Type Single or bulk
    Composition PET Base
    Shipping weight each 1.5 lb.
    Other Silicon adhesion
    Options Etching
    Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # 3700-01
    RoHS Compliance RoHS Compliance Sheet
    Spec Sheet MXO, 9HO, ARC, HSC, HSG, MXH, MXT, MXG, AGB, MXB, P2L, P2S, P4S
    Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.

    4.88/5 Stars out of 17 Reviews
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    Verified Buyer
    Necessary for a drawing tablet
    Second buy from photodon.\nOn first I tried the MXH25% for a cintiq companion 2, it was really good mainly for the texture which is really close to paper, that's good ! Bad part is that after a few months drawong on it, it got full of scratches on the place where i draw the most.\nAs I took a mobile studio 16, I wanted to change for a 9HO, which is really nice as well. The texture is not as good, as it's very flat, no texture at all. It changes a lot from the polarized texture from the original screen of MSP. Result is that when you draw on it, hand is sticking a bit more on the screen, which is a bit annoying to draw, you have to get use to it.\nIt resists to scratches, but I can understand why, as i take care of my belongings, I noticed a few scratches as well in the center of the screen, only three weeks after installing it.\nWhich is a bit annoying but it's ok for now.\nAnyway, these products are good, I will buy to them again, and tell people these are good !
    Note From Store Owner: Quentin, we're very happy that you ultimately approve of our screen protector film types. It's great you've been able to try a couple of different types in order to experience the differences between them. There are so many factors that go into choosing a film type if you're an artist, and we like that you've provided such great feedback. Thanks for your business!
    Verified Buyer
    Will buy again!
    These are simply perfect for people that are constantly using their Wacom/ drawing tablet/ etc... I've never seen a company be more transparent (ha) and offer as many custom options on something that I thought was just an easy pick. My wife always asks me to buy these for her when they start to show signs of ware, which takes over a year with her heavy handed pen strokes.\n\nI've stuck with this brand now for over 3 years and have always been happy.
    Note From Store Owner: David, how cool for you to say such nice things about us. We love that our screen protectors have been successfully protecting your wife's Wacom for years, and we appreciate knowing that you'll come back to us when her new protector starts to show signs of wear. Thanks for being a happy customer!
    Verified Buyer
    Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16
    Excellent Product, everything was handle with care and send perfectly (they even write you a happy Thank You in package). First time I've purchased definitely worth it. Other protectors online can be expensive and you don't feel 100% sure most of the time while PhotoDon shows you everything you need to know, helps you find what your looking for even if your not familiar with all the types of protectors and provides you with the materials you need to make sure you're satisfied with you're order. I'm happy with my purchase I no longer need to worry that I will scratch the screen and I'll be definitely buying from PhotoDon again in the future.
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks for such a great review, Nicole! We do our best to offer any help that someone could need. You know how to find us now - we look forward to helping you again.
    Verified Buyer
    Absolutely necessary if you draw regularly
    I've been using tablets regularly for almost 20 years now. After having ruined a few from over-use, I learned the value of having a good screen protector. Photodon's are the best there are, with the greatest variety of textures, styles, and custom cuts. I will not touch my tablet without first putting on one of these.
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks, Matt! We couldn't have asked for a nicer review. MXH is a great film. We appreciate your taking the time to send us feedback.
    Verified Buyer
    My Screen Protector just arrived. Was ordering to Ukraine and it came safely. Everything was packed just perfectly. I've ordered a MXH and it really feels like you draw on paper. Perfect for my Wacom tablet, because I wanted to feel a texture of paper, which it has. Instructions were easy to follow, also was very surprised with free Installation Kit, it has so many things inside. I can tell this protector fully worth its money, it's quality is perfect and I will order more in future on my next tablets. Thank you so much!
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks, Anastasia. Happy drawing!
    Verified Buyer
    Satisfied second-time customer.
    This is my second purchase from PhotoDon, and I'm amazed with their products and customer service. When I first got my MobileStudio Pro about two years ago, I bought one of PhotoDon's screen protectors to go with it, and I absolutely loved it. Recently, however, I had to send my MobileStudio Pro back to Wacom since it was having display issues, and they ended up sending me a refurbished model instead of repairing mine--and so I needed to get another screen protector. This time I purchased the 9HO instead of the MXO, which I had before, and the screen on my MobileStudio looks stunning. Installation was virtually flawless with the materials they provided--the only issue was that the tab for the second liner peeled off, and I had to use my nails to get under the liner and remove it. \n\nDefinitely worth the price, and I will be returning for any future screen-protection needs. Many thanks!
    Note From Store Owner: Thanks, AJ. We'll pass on that info about the tab to our laser tech. We appreciate your feedback!
    Verified Buyer
    Best product of its kind
    This is my 2nd time using a screen protector on my Cintiq and I've learned how necessary they are. Without one, you'll scratch up your tablet's screen after a few months of use. Photodon's screen protectors are super high quality and very easy to install. They also last for years. Applying a protector is always harrowing due to the risk of dust, bubbles, and smudges. But the install kit makes it far easier to apply and comes with everything you need. I will definitely be using Photodon again any time I need a screen protector.
    Note From Store Owner: We're so happy our protectors are keeping your Wacom safe from scratches, Matthew! Thanks for the review.
    Verified Buyer
    Great product and service
    I got the screen protectof for mobile studio pro 16 and it works great! Don’t have to worry that I will scratch the screen anymore with my pen which can easily happen with wacom devices. I got one for my cintiq companion that worked great and this one is as good. It has a slightly rubbery feel to it, but I quickly got used to it and it is not a problem to me at all.\nThe customer service at photodin is fantastic. USPS lost my package and they sent the new screen protector to me at no cost!
    Note From Store Owner: We're glad to help, Maciej! The MXH is a very popular film with Wacom users. Thanks for the feedback!
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent Product
    I really have to hand it to the crew at PhotoDon. First time I've purchased from them, and it's clear they have a lot of pride in their products.\n\nTo start off, the packaging was handled with great care, and done to ensure the protector film was as straight as possible. Kudos to that. The instructions were very detailed and clear, and the installation kit works great. I had to take my time with installing it correctly, but you can't rush these things. Material feels great, it fits very well, even with a slight opening so it doesn't cover the camera. An odd note though: a horizontal line of bubbles appeared in the center forming a short line, only to completely disappear a day later. No complaints there!\n\nThe only issue I had during the installation process, and it's probably more on my part than anything, was that the top layer piece didn't come off when I peeled off the tab on both the main sheet and the sample, and most efforts to remove it using some kind of adhesive were unsuccessful. It didn't look great, but I wondered whether to leave it on anyway, but ultimately opted to remove it by carefully using a razor blade. Fortunately, I was able to remove the top layer without damaging the protector film at all. Now it doesn't look all scratchy with fingerprints and looks lovely.\n\nSure, $40 for U9O sounds a bit pricey. But considering what you paid for the product you're protecting, definitely worth it. I'll be sure to purchase from PhotoDon again for my screen protection needs and recommend them to others.
    Note From Store Owner: You are correct, Rolando. Pride runs in our blood! Thanks for noticing!
    Verified Buyer
    Excellent product
    Best screen protector I've ever purchased. The screen protector itself is perfect, but what impressed me most was the kit of extras that came with it. The folk at Photodon have really gone the extra mile and provided cleaning sprays, gloves, test screen, reusable cleaning cloths, and of course clear instructions! I could just tell that the people at Photodon take great pride and care in providing the best possible product and application experience. 5 stars.
    Note From Store Owner: Wow! Thanks, Matt! We appreciate the good vibes!
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