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What we do:

Here at, we strive to offer quality products at affordable prices.
Before we add new merchandise to our line up we test it out at the office, workshop, home, our families' and friends' homes; if it doesn't fly with us, we won't even try to offer it to you!

The goods offered on our web store are what we know to be the best products available for screen and office care. Our customers deserve the best!

There is a lot of competition out there offering specialty cleaners, microfiber cloths, monitor hoods, and screen protective film like we do. So we're working hard to give you good enough reason to shop our store and to keep you coming back. We want you to think highly enough of us to tell people you know about our business!

Quality at a fair price is only "a piece of the pie"!

Our customer service staff are friendly and accommodating folks!

If you ever have a question or concern about a product, your order or how we do business, a real, live, person will answer your call or respond to your email.
If there is a problem, we'll go out of our way to make it right!
Your satisfaction matters to us. YOU matter to us!
You're a very important part of how we run our online store and you'll always be appreciated for stopping by.

We have the ability of fulfilling large orders, and custom orders, but we want to give that small town store feel when you're doing business with us.

We're always open to suggestions! Feel free to
contact us with your questions or concerns.
We'd love to hear from you!
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