Photodon’s Ultra 100% Green Screen Cleaner

| By Mandy Peterson

Photodon Ultra is possibly one of the safest surface cleaner solutions available on the market today. This "green" screen cleaner is safe for screens with anti-glare/anti-reflection coatings such as those found on today's computer monitors, HDTVs, and plasma screens.

This solution is safe for pets, fish, and plants in aquariums.  It's also great for the office environment and for people using this product in small quarters.

Many cleaners can cause severe allergic reactions, eye burns, and/or eye injuries, or the possibility of infant, children, or pet poisoning if mistakenly ingested. None of these possibilities exist with the Photodon Ultra cleaning solution.

The Photodon Ultra solution is a 100% green product that is colorless and odorless and has been formulated by a company that respects the environment by creating safe, environmentally-friendly products. This cleaner does not contain alcohol, ammonia, or vinegar, all of which can affect surface coatings or plastics over time.

This fantastic product is available in many different sizes: 2 ounce, 4 ounce, 8 ounce, and 64 ounce.

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