Useful Screen Cleaning Tips from Photodon

| By Mandy Peterson

It is almost impossible to get every screen manufacturer to agree on a cleaning method. Here we offer guidelines to help you avoid the greatest mistakes and hopefully allow you to clean your screen without fear of ruining its appearance or function.

Do Not:

  • Clean with the monitor turned on
  • Press on the screen with your fingers or other objects
  • Apply excessive wiping pressure
  • Use dirty, abrasive, or linty cloths
  • Use a cleaner that contains any alcohol
  • Use any cleaners, such as acetone, which contain ketones, as they will destroy plastics and the antiglare coatings quite quickly
  • Use ammonia as a cleaner
  • Allow liquid to run into the edges under the frame of the screen or display
  • Use Kleenex, paper towels, sponges, or other coarse shop towels! These materials may contain abrasives that can scratch plastic, acrylic, poly carbonate surfaces, or surface coatings. Also, you will find many fabrics to be quite dusty or linty, leaving the same on your screen


  • Work with the screen display turned off and cool
  • Wipe the screen using light pressure
  • Use clean, lint free cotton, microfiber cloths or low-lint wipes
  • Use water, diluted, isopropyl alcohol (in moderation) or, ideally, a specially formulated, low impact screen cleaning solution
  • Apply solutions to the cloth, then wipe the screen with the cloth to avoid the possibility of excess moisture running into the frame of the device
  • Use canned air or a soft brush to remove dust from edges or corners

Most screens have an anti-glare coating that can be permanently scratched or easily worn by excessive wiping pressure or from improper cleaning solutions. Make certain that the cloths you use are clean and do not contain any sand or grit.

Every situation is unique and may require different methods or cleaners to get the job done. Please be sure to check back to read different types of screen cleaning tips.

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