19-inch Monitor Privacy Filter - Widescreen - 16 1/16" (408.4mm) x 10 1/16" (256mm)

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    Whats in the boxIncluded in Purchase:
    • Privacy Filter
    • Adhesive strips
    • Bend tabs
    • Installation Instructions
    • Installation kit:
    • One 1oz Photodon Anti-scratch screen cleaner
    • Two 6x7" Silky microfiber cleaning cloths

    19-inch Monitor Privacy Filter - Widescreen - 16 1/16" (408.4mm) x 10 1/16" (256mm)

    Price: $55.35

    Product Code: U19W1610-P2L

    *Important: This filter will not fit all 19" devices

    Check measurements below to ensure fit

    Width: 16 1/16" (408.4mm)

    Height: 10 1/16" (256 mm)

    Diagonal: 19" (482.60 mm)

    Aspect Ratio: 16:10

    Filter Dimensions

    P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter. Adheres with adhesive strips placed on the back of the filter and bendable tabs that attach to the monitor's frame. Mini louvers embedded in the filter reduce screen visibility at 30° and nearly black at 45°. Continue Reading

    Ensure that filter will fit your monitor before purchasing If this will not fit your model, please visit our custom cut page to order.

    19-inch Monitor Privacy Filter - Widescreen

    HIPAA Law and other privacy policies require businesses to protect personal information from the public or other non-essential personnel. Ensuring customer trust requires businesses to keep client information private. Privacy filters can help provide privacy from persons not directly in front of the screen.

    The mini-louvers embedded in privacy filters reduce screen image visibility starting at angles of about 35° and turns the screen nearly black at angles greater than 45°. When viewing the screen from straight on, the image is clear. The filter slightly dims the light that the computer screen emits, this can be soothing to the eyes. Some consumers may choose to increase the screen brightness. Increasing screen brightness will slightly reduce the privacy effect. Decreasing screen brightness will tend to increase screen privacy slightly. These filters have an anti-glare (matte) side and a glossy side. Use the matte side on the side facing out to reduce screen reflections, the glossy side can also face out if desired with no effect on the privacy feature.

    Benefits of Photodon Privacy Filters:

    • Easy to apply, remove and re-attach
    • Affix to the screen using reusable clear adhesive tabs (leaves no residue)
    • Touchscreen compatible
    • Include specialized tabs for alternative installation options
    • Anti-glare side hides fingerprints and reduces glare
    • Can be installed glossy side out if desired
    • Protects the screen from damage
    • Easy to clean
    • Installation and care kit included
    • 3H hardness for scratch resistance
    • Top-quality materials
    • 3-year limited warranty

    Excess blue light that can have a negative effective on your health and your eyes. These filters also reduce the high energy Blue Light by approximately 50% (between 310 and 375nm).

    They also block Ultra-Violet transmittance to less than 1% (between 250 and 325nm).

    We can custom cut our privacy filters for any flat or curved screen device up to 48 inches diagonal.

    If none of the filter sizes in the chart below match your monitor, use our Custom Cut Privacy Filter page to order the size for your screen.

    Order a Custom Cut Privacy Filter  

    Our Universal Monitor Privacy Filters

    Product SKU Monitor Size Filter Dimensions (in)
    Width x Height
    Filter Dimensions (mm)
    Width x Height
    U19S-P2L 19" Standard (5:4) 14 13/16 x 11 7/8 375.6 x 302.4 Purchase Filter
    U19W1610-P2L 19" Widescreen (16:10) 16 1/16 x 10 1/16 408.4 x 256 Purchase Filter
    U195W-P2L 19.5" Widescreen (16:9) 17 x 10 1/16 431.8 x 256 Purchase Filter
    U20W-P2L 20" Widescreen (16:9) 17 7/16 x 9 13/16 442.8 x 249.6 Purchase Filter
    U215W-P2L 21.5" Widescreen (16:9) 18 3/4 x 10 9/16 476.2 x 269 Purchase Filter
    U22W1610-P2L 22" Widescreen (16:10) 18 11/16 x 11 11/16 475.2 x 297.4 Purchase Filter
    U23W-P2L 23" Widescreen (16:9) 20 1/16 x 11 5/16 510 x 287.4 Purchase Filter
    U236W-P2L 23.6" Widescreen (16:9) 20 9/16 x 11 9/16 523 x 294.4 Purchase Filter
    U238W-P2L 23.8" Widescreen (16:9) 20 3/4 x 11 11/16 527 x 297.4 Purchase Filter
    U24W1610-P2L 24" Widescreen (16:10) 20 7/16 x 12 3/4 519 x 323.8 Purchase Filter
    U24W-P2L 24" Widescreen (16:9) 20 15/16 x 11 13/16 532 x 300.4 Purchase Filter
    U27W-P2L 27" Widescreen (16:9) 23 9/16 x 13 1/4 599.2 x 337.2 Purchase Filter
    Product Name 19-inch Universal (Widescreen) Monitor Privacy Filter
    Photodon Part # U19W1610-P2L
    Included in Order
    • Privacy Filter
    • Adhesive strips
    • Adhesive bend tabs
    • Installation Instructions
    • Installation kit:
    • One 1oz Photodon Anti-scratch screen cleaner
    • Two 6x7" Silky microfiber cleaning cloths
    Film Size 19"
    Color Transparent
    Packaging Type Single or bulk
    Composition PET Base
    Shipping weight each 1.5 lb.
    Other Silicon adhesion
    Options Etching
    Notes These films conform to flat screen types and the newer curved monitors. They do not work on the old curved CRT type screens. These are not brightness reduction films, such as neutral density filters.
    Reference More Info
    MFR Part # U19W1610-P2L
    RoHS Compliance Sheet RoHS Compliance Sheet
    Spec Sheet P2L
    Origin - Manufacturing and Assembly
    Korea - Traverse City, Michigan, USA.
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