History of Microfiber Cloths As Photodon Knows It: Part 1

| By Mandy Peterson

Although many of us use the popular microfiber material for cleaning, not too many people understand what makes it so different.

This two-part segment will explain how this material is put together and exactly how it gets the job done.

Microfiber was introduced in 1986 and is a variety of polyester that has extremely thin filaments. It is tough and resilient and can be manufactured to extremely fine tolerances, many times thinner than other synthetics. Microfiber has properties of strength, precision, and sheerness, as well as a phenomenal absorbency that gives rise to so many applications, including an amazing ability to clean and dry surfaces.

The microfiber material, specifically polyester, as the sole constituent of cloth, would wear and shed fiber with use. So it is best utilized in combination with another material. It is this combination of materials which gives microfiber its unique characteristics.

The other material that most microfiber cloths consists of is Polyamide (Nylon). This synthetic material is strong, elastic, and resistant to abrasion and chemicals. It is also low in moisture absorbency.

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