Man at a computer that has an indoor-outdoor monitor hood installed on it

Indoor-Outdoor Shade Monitor Hoods: From Tradeshows to Shop Floors

| By Jolynn Paige

Grease-, water-, and dirt-resistant, these indoor-outdoor hoods are made specifically for your device. 

Using a digital device of any size in brightlylit environment can be tricky because the glare makes it difficult to see the screen, right?  Plus, bright light and reflections can make the eyes hurt and cause headaches.  Not only that, but greasy hands or dirty work gloves do not play well with fussy materials.  Think waitress and waiter stations at an outdoor restaurant, or industrial monitors mounted on a shop wall.   

Perfect for damp conditions: Our versatile corrugated plastic hoods are built for indoor and outdoor use and are designed to reduce glare and protect from splatters on your screen.  This material is well-equipped to withstand damp conditions, making it a great choice for exposure to rain or wet industrial environments. 

Low-cost and customizable: Photodon indoor-outdoor shade monitor hoods are low-cost and completely customizable.  The hoods are ideal for use on the warehouse floor and in other industrial settings where operator screens need to be shaded from ambient light The hood materials can withstand use in a dirty, dusty, and/or damp environment, providing some degree of monitor protection.  These hoods also offer some privacy from side-viewing. 

Suggested Uses: 

* Machine Shop monitors 

* Equipment Operating Monitors 

* Broadcasting Monitors

* Cash Kiosks 

* Voting Booths 

* Trade Show Monitors 

Easy Installation: The light-weight 3/16” corrugated plastic attaches with adhesive-backed dual-locked strips suitable for installation on stand-alone and in-set screens.  Because the hoods are lightweight, they can easily be installed on a wall or rest on the edge of large-screen displays.  The standard hood depth is 7 inches; however, for an additional charge, the depth can be altered up to 23 inches based on your specifications and can be built to a width of up to 96 inches or more.  The hood can be notched/cut out to allow access to ports for USB and HDMI access—contact customer service for this option.

This custom-made drone hood is 100% made in the USA and helps the drone operator see the screen when working in the bright sunlight.
The corrugated plastic body and plastic edges make these hoods lightweight, which are resistant to rough handling. They anchor with dual-locking adhesive strips and can be mounted in a variety of ways.
Photodon indoor-outdoor hoods are constructed for a perfect and snug fit.

Let our team consult with you on how we can make what you need.  The hoods are affordable and effective with no minimum order quantities.  Pricing is available online, and should you have cut out needs for ports, etc., contact our sales team at [email protected] or call us at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00a.m – 5:00pm EST.