Picture of Ralphie aiming a bb gun

What do your kids REALLY want for Christmas?

| By Mandy Peterson

We’ve all watched the Christmas Story movieright?  Remember when Ralphie was asked, “What do you want for Christmas, Ralphie? Instead of answering, “I want a Red Rider Carbon Action 200 shot range model air rifle, what he REALLY meant to say was “I want a Photodon blue lightcutting, scratchresistant screen protector for my Samsung 49-inch Curved Gaming Monitor !!!”  HAD he said that, he wouldn’t have been tormented with the “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid” saying from all of the responsible adults in his world.   

Why didn’t Ralphie mention us outright in the movie, you ask? Maybe Ralphie made a contract with the Red Rider company so he COULDN’T mention us We don’t know, but what kid WOULDN’T want to protect his precious gaming monitor (Yeah, right. And who pays for the replacement?) 

In all seriousness, screen protectors seem to be more of a need than a want.  You don’t WANT to protect your screen (well you do, but not as a present) and you also don’t WANT to have to replace the screen, or worse yet, the entire monitor. And you certainly don’t WANT your children's eyes to have long-term damage from too much screen time. Our blue light-cut screen protector material protects your children’s eyes from the harmful effects of long-term exposure to blue light. 

We have a suggestion: Get your kids the gaming system they want, but game RESPONSIBLY by protecting their eyes with our blue light cutting material instead of arming them with a seemingly dangerous weapon.  How about this? Wrap up a screen protector and give it to them FIRST Likely they will be mad that you got them a screen protector until they realize what it’s for.  It will be like wrapping up car keys and giving them a car, but much less expensive! 

So, thrill your kids this Christmas with a Photodon screen protector that will make their friends jealous!   You can contact us at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00a.m – 5:00pm EST, or email us at [email protected].