A customer's photo of the TopMix 2 Paint Mixer

Photodon Protects the TopMix2 Paint Mixer From Harsh Cleaners

| By Jolynn Paige


Several months ago, a new customer named Jason – an owner of a Maaco Collision Repair & Auto Painting business in Minnesota – called Photodon.  His problem?  He had been purchasing a protective cover for his Satorius TopMix2 Paint Terminal that

A) didn't fit (it was like a bag around the machine);

B) was expensive (around $100.00); and

C) had to be replaced monthly because the plastic would get damaged when the paint had to be cleaned off it.

The TopMix touch screen is connected to a scale and mixer.  When the paint is mixed, as you can imagine, it can splatter.  In addition, the paint shop workers often touch the screen with gloves that have paint on them.  This means that the very expensive touch screen needs to be protected.

Jason explained, "I use a paint thinner to clean the screen about once a week, and the protector I'm using gets damaged quickly. I'm spending a fortune on these protective covers.  I'm hoping you can help me."


After Jason provided us with the proper dimensions, our techs created a custom overlay. We chose the 9HO from our selection of screen protector materials. The 9HO material offers 9H surface hardness, excellent abrasion resistance, and great ease of cleaning.  Since we don't have our own testing facility at Photodon, we rely on our customers working with us for feedback on how our materials perform for them in different work environments.

We provided Jason the screen protector free of charge with the agreement that he would provide us honest feedback on its performance in his auto painting shop.

We wanted to know:

A). How well would Photodon's 9HO hold up to repeated cleaning with paint-thinners?

B). Would scraping paint off the screen protector damage it to the point where the screen on the paint mixer was no longer clear?


After 6 months, Jason reported back to us that our original screen protector still looked great.  He had been cleaning it with paint-thinner about once a week, and the screen protector was just as nice-looking as the day he installed it.

One of Photodon's main goals is to save our customers money.  Because we are environmentalists, we don't like to provide wasteful products (such as screen coverings that must be replaced monthly). Our screen protectors are high-quality, economical, and long-lasting. We work with our customers to match the best screen covering material with their device in their environment.

Here are some further features of our 9HO versus the product that Jason was using:

A visual comparison chart of Photodon's screen protector on a Top Mix 2 touch screen paint mixer

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