Screen Care Products for Holiday Gifts

Practical Stocking Stuffers

| By Don Basch

Of those intending to buy gifts this holiday season, 74%* have some sort of electronics device on their list. Photodon has the best screen protectors on the market for keeping these new computers, laptops, tablets, cellphones, and all-in-ones safe from scratching or marring.

In fact, because we are all about improving your screen image,  we have high-quality reasonably-priced cleaners and microfiber cloths in our product line. Many of our cleaners are herbal-based, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and 100% green. Here are some simple, practical gift ideas that most anyone can appreciate.

A mobile cleaning kit for a mobile world!

Three Simple Screen Care Tips to Remember

Many do not realize the damage that improper cleaning techniques can do to screens.  Be sure to follow the tips below.

  1. Use a clean soft cloth (microfiber is ideal).
  2. Use a high-quality cleaner designed specifically for screen cleaning.
  3. LCD (liquid crystal display) surfaces should not be touched: finger smudges are difficult to remove, and the plastic covered surface may inadvertently be scratched.

About Us

Photodon offers a full spectrum of products designed to improve your screen image, all at an affordable price. With a focus on quality, Photodon actively selects only the best screen protector materials, cleaning solutions, and microfiber cloths available. Custom-built monitor hoods feature an inner lining made of durable light-absorbing woven material to meet the needs of photography professionals. Cleaning formulas are not only highly effective but also environmentally safe. Of special interest include nano technology formulas that provide superior results over standard formulas because they clean at the microscopic level. Other products are specifically designed for scratch resistance or lowering the static electricity that can develop around sensitive electronic equipment. With several unique screen cleaning kits to choose from, it's never been easier to keep your screen in tip-top condition!

Products and Services from Photodon:

  • Screen cleaning solutions – Eco-friendly and nano-based formulas
  • Microfiber cloths – critical for proper cleaning; can be customized for promotional use
  • Screen protectors – custom fit to screen contours (choose from clear, anti-glare, oleophobic (anti-fingerprint), blue light, or anti-reflection technology materials)
  • Custom services and business-to-business options – Photodon's customer service team is responsive and will quickly answer your questions about their products or services. Contact them today to learn more!

We are happy to help you with your screen-cleaning needs.  If needed, please contact us at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm EST, or email us at [email protected].

* Source: Consumer Electronics Association’s 20th Annual Consumer Electronics Holiday Purchase Patterns Study.