In-Dash Navigation Systems

Screen Protectors for Your Car's Navi System That You're Gonna Love

November 6, 2015 | By Jolynn Paige

In-dash navigation systems are a standard feature of most car designs, right? Let's hear it for the engineers who developed these handy and addicting little devices! Luckily, protecting these nav screens — be it from dangling keychains, pendulous bracelets, or other brobdingnagian (a big word that means "big") baubles and sharp objects — is easy and affordable.  What's more, some protectors also provide anti-fingerprint and anti-glare features.

Thanks to a thriving forum which contains news articles and discussion topics about the Honda Pilot ( we have had oodles of feedback from customers about their experiences with installing and choosing a screen protector for their navi systems.  Our MXO Clear Anti-Fingerprint film has been a popular choice,  as has the MXK Anti-Glare screen protector.

Thanks to Charles, of Saint Paul, Minnesota, we were able to see his expert install job.  As you can see from the picture below, an anti-glare film significantly reduces reflection on this navigation system, making it a more pleasant and much safer driving experience.

Navigation System Screen Protector
An Anti-Glare Screen Protector Installed on a Navi system.

While other customers have loved the MXO and MXK films, we always suggest that you try before you buy by purchasing a sample pack of our films which includes a $5.00 coupon towards your order when you do decide.  Then you'll know which film type best suits your needs.

Protecting your investment on expensive navigation systems is smart.  Nicks and scratches, fingerprints and glare do not have to be a part of your ride- about-town or roadtripping  excursions.

We appreciate hearing your stories. You never know: Your tips just might help other people be safer.  Not only that, we love to hear about how our products are  used out about in the world.   Please send your fascinating  (no pressure) tales to us at  .

Photodon can custom cut a screen protector for any GPS navigation system, so if you don't find your car's device listed on our site, contact us to help get proper dimensions for your screen.  We're here to help!