Gain Privacy with a Photodon Adjustable Dual Angle Monitor Hood

| By Don Basch

Working with side-by-side monitors? Want to keep onlookers from viewing sensitive information on your screen? Or, are you simply tired of dealing with too much glare on your screen? For anyone in need of some serious anti-glare protection, the Photodon Adjustable Angle Dual Monitor Hood will effectively block overhead and side lighting. Great for anyone doing intensive computer work: CAD/CAM professionals, photographers, web designers, data entry workers, or anyone with a need to drastically reduce screen glare.

Measuring 8 inches deep, this hood provides the ultimate anti-glare and privacy solution. And it looks great too! The hood is made from durable high-density fiberboard and has reinforced plastic edging for a sleek, professional appearance.

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Benefits of the Photodon Adjustable Angle Dual Monitor Hood:

  • Reduces screen glare
  • Protects private information in public places
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Shades from room or window lighting
  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Professional design
  • Easy removal when needed
  • Keeps your screens cleaner from dust

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Made in USA – Patent Pending