A girl experiences eye strain due to digital screen exposure

Does Blue Light Hurt My Eye Health? [infographic]

June 6, 2018 | By Jolynn Paige

Because June is Computer Vision Syndrome Awareness Month, we thought we'd showcase how Photodon's MXB blue light-cut film can help not only eye-health, but overall health.

The American Opthomalic Association warns against the dangers of long periods of exposure from computers and other digital screens on the health of our eyes.  Computer Vision syndrome is basically eye strain and blurred vision due to staring at digital screens for long periods of time.

Our blue light-cut film helps the eye feel soothed and can alleviate some of the symptoms of Computer Vision syndrome.

We often have customers remark that they can tell an immediate difference in how their eyes feel after they install a blue-light screen protector.

Not only does blue light film help with eye strain, it also has some additional benefits which you can read about below.

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