Unique Picture Framing Project Using Screen Protector Material

| By Jenny Sockol

Did you know that you can use Photodon's quality screen protectors for more than protecting your digital devices? Do you have a unique project? It’s amazing what our screen protectors can be used for if you just think outside of the box a little bit.

The Project

We had a customer who wanted to decorate a wall in her home with a vintage window frame. She envisioned floating pictures inside of each windowpane. Using a screen protector was not originally in her scope of options, but she was out of ideas when nothing else panned out. After consulting with our team, together they came up with a solution for her. Take a look. The result turned out fantastically!

Close-up of a windowpane to see the floating picture
Close-up of windowpane

How did they do it?

The First Attempt

The team started by placing a picture face-down in the center of each windowpane and then installing a clear screen protector over the entire back side of the windowpane. This looked great, until the screen protectors began to bubble around the edges of the pictures. The pictures were not flush with the surface of the window, so the screen protector could not remain correctly installed. It was time to come up with another idea!

The Solution

Next, they started with a clear screen protector with a cut-out in the center that was just big enough to fit a photo into.  Our customer installed these screen protector cutouts onto the back side of each windowpane.  Next, she placed each photo face down into the screen protector with the cutout. Finally, she installed a second, full-sized screen protector on top of each photo on the back side of the window frame.  Doing this created an entirely flush surface. What a perfectly clever idea!

The Perfect Solution

Do you have a unique project that a custom Photodon screen protector could help with?  Please contact us so we can work out a solution for you at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00a.m – 5:00pm EST, or email us at [email protected].