Person using a stylus on a drawing tablet

Using A Stylus with a Photodon Screen Protector

| By Jolynn Paige

Whether you use a drawing tablet for work or for play, the stylus may cause damage to your screen.  Photodon carries several popular screen protectors for drawing tablets, which not only help protect your investment but can enhance your drawing experience.  In fact, we've had many customers tell us that they love their tablet even more with one of Photodon's screen protectors installed.

While so much depends on personal preference and drawing habits, here is some information based on customer feedback we've received to help determine which screen protector material might work best for you.

Anti-Glare Materials

MXH — 25% Anti-Glare, Paper-like Feel

MXT — 50% Anti-Glare, Paper-like Feel

Most drawing tablets have a glass surface, so users may experience glare from ambient light.  This, in turn, can lead to eye-strain and headaches. Glare on a drawing tablet can also mean a disruption in seeing a clear screen image.  Many of our product reviewers report that the MXH and MXT have a paper-like feel, which they say gives them a better stylus glide on their screen surface than the factory-installed surface.  MXH and MXT are Photodon's most popular material types for our tablet users.

Clear Materials

MXO — Complete Clarity, Smoother Surface

9HO — Complete Clarity, Abrasion Resistance

ARC — Complete Clarity, Anti-Reflective Surface

Artists may alternatively be more interested in a clear screen protector or may not prefer the paper-like feel that our anti-glare materials provide.  Our clear MXO, 9HO, and ARC materials create a more slippery surface with stylus use.

Buy a Build Your Own Sample Pack to Try Before You Buy

Photodon's overall recommendation is that you try out a sample of our screen protectors before you make an investment because choosing a screen protector is a matter of personal preference.  That is why we offer sample packs, which include a coupon towards the purchase of your screen protector once you decide for yourself which one is right for you.

A Large Selection and Custom Cutting

Photodon carries a large number of screen protectors for brands such as Wacom, Huion, Ugee, XP-Pen Artist, HP Spectre, the Samsung Galaxy, and the Microsoft Surface Pro.  If you don't find a screen protector for your drawing tablet on our website, we will custom cut one for you.

We encourage you to read about what some of our customers are saying about our screen protectors so that their experience may help lead you to a good decision for your own use.

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