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Screen Protectors Overview

Screen surface damage is irreversible. Protect your
digital investment, your health, and your privacy!

• Thousands of devices
• Over 250 brands
• Protectors for any device
• Up to 100"

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Custom Cut Screen Protectors
Glossy Screen Before and Matte Screen After Anti-Glare Screen Protector Application

Screen Protector Comparison Sheet

Photodon® offers 15 types of screen protectors:
Anti-glare, clear, anti-microbial, blue light cut, privacy, shock-absorbing, and super scratch-resistant.
Photodon materials protect screens from scratches, dirt, and abrasion. Many of our protectors provide excellent anti-glare function while our blue light-cut material helps to protect eye-health. If screen privacy is what you seek, our privacy filters are the way to go. Our shock-absorbing materials offers 6H scratch resistance and extreme-grade protection for any screen up to 100 inches. Custom cutting is our specialty.

Photodon screen protectors shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
Screen Protectors shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
Screen Protectors shown with different amounts of Anti-Glare
MXO and MXA Comparison; note the oleophobic coating on MXO materials
MXH Anti-glare material applied to the right screen
MXA series Crystal Clear: Notice bottle reflection on glass
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Comparison of Anti-Glare / Matte and Clear Screen Protectors
Screen Protector Material Comparison Videos

Screen Protector Categories


MXH 25% Anti-Glare Reduction MXT 50% Anti-Glare Reduction MXG 85% Anti-Glare Reduction AGB Anti-Glare Blue Light Blocking HSG 85% Anti-Glare Reduction

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AMC: Anti-Microbial Clear MXO: Clear HSC: Hard Shock-Absorbing Clear ARC: Anti-Reflective 9HO: Clear MXB: Blue Light Blocking

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Blue Light Blocking

MXB: Blue Light Blocking AGB Anti-Glare Blue Light Blocking

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Shock-Absorbing Clear and Anti-Glare

HSC: Hard Shock-Absorbing Clear HSG: Shock-Absorbing Anti-Glare 85%

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Extreme Abrasion Resistance

9HO: Clear

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Privacy Filters

P2L: 2-Way Privacy Filter P2S: 2-Way Privacy Filter Silicone P4S: 4-Way Privacy Filter Silicone

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Screen Protector Comparison Chart

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Image Quality Price Maximum Small Dimension Cut Size Spec Sheets

Examples of some device types we cover!

  • Curved Monitors
  • Touchscreen Displays
  • Bar Code Readers
  • Medical Devices
  • Smartphones
  • Sewing Machine Screens
  • Gaming Devices
  • Drawing Tablets
  • Industrial Screens
  • Laptop Notebooks
  • Tablet Screens/iPads
  • GPS/Navigation Displays
  • Exercise Machines
  • Televisions
  • Virtual Reality Gear
  • Digital Signage
  • Fish Finders
  • Digital Cameras
  • E-Readers
  • Handheld Devices
  • Drones - Cameras and Navigation
Photodon Material Structure

Etching Option

Etching on Photodon Screen Protector

Etching onto the screen protector's surface is a sharp and efficient way to promote your business or simply label your screen protector with your name. For a small fee, we will etch the material with a company or product name, part number, or website - whatever makes sense to you! The font is your choice of Arial 8pt or Arial 12pt, as shown in the photo. Etching location options are bottom right, bottom left, or bottom center. Available on all product pages.

Read what our customers are saying about us!

EXCELLENT SERVICE! Received the film in two days! EXCELLENT PRODUCT! Went onto my laptop screen just as directed; easy to follow instructions, did not have a single air bubble. WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT -- I can now actually see what's on the computer screen, instead of a mirror image of myself.
Exceeded my expectations.

I just received your anti-glare film and it fits to the iMac much better than I expected! And works great with my eyes too! It is a great product for new iMac. thanks!

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