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Protect your Investment in Digital Signage

| By Jolynn Paige

Having your digital signage or kiosk machine displayed where the world can touch it is risky business. Digital advertising and interactive touch screens are expensive, yet they're made to be used.  Applying a Photodon screen protector to your screen is a low-cost insurance that protects your display from scratching, marring, fingerprints, and other damage.

One of our most popular materials for this purpose is our HSC.  It's easy to apply, better and more affordable than tempered glass, and can be custom cut for small and large screens.  It will not damage your large or small screen digital advertising board if removed, and touch functionality is not affected when a screen protector is applied to the screen.

Digital advertising boards are eye-catching and effective. Photodon's Touche brand screen protectors allow you to maximize your company's investment. Regular wipe-downs to keep your boards clean are less risky when a screen protector is providing a barrier to the bare screen.
Touch screens used in a commercial capacity are meant to be interacted with, but sometimes they need glare-reduction, fingerprint protection, and super scratch-resisting coverage due to heavy usage. It's easier and less costly to replace a screen protector than an actual device screen.

Here are some material type suggestions as you consider which one to purchase:

  • HSC – The best protection in our line, it is a clear screen protector material that is extremely shock- and scratch-resistant.  It also contains anti-microbial and oleophobic properties, and it is perfect for devices that are at high risk of damage.
  • MXO – A super material, with a high degree of smudge and fingerprint reduction properties, allowing your displays to look their best even after many hands have touched the screens.
  • MXH – A low matte, sharp-image-quality anti-glare material that is easy to clean.
  • MXG – Photodon's highest anti-glare material — popular for reducing overhead and ambient light glare on screens.

We promise: Screen protectors will keep your digital advertising signs and kiosks attractive!

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