Save Your Company Money with Photodon Screen Protectors

| By Jenny Sockol

Your business depends on so much to be successful. One of the most important things that ensures profitability is your production schedule; getting your product to your customers is of utmost importance. Many situations can happen to alter that schedule, and we know how inconvenient the lost money and downtime can be. If your machinery or devices suffer a damaged or broken screen, know that Photodon can help!

The Frustration of Damaged Device Screens

Your devices and machinery are some of your most important resources. They allow you to build and provide your product to your customers. But what happens when an expensive machine's screen becomes damaged or broken? Downtime can happen, causing frustrating production delays, lost time, and lost profits.

Asset failure is one of the most common causes of unplanned downtime, which includes cracked or broken device screens. And replacing your devices is expensive, especially when only the screen is unusable.

Photodon Can Help Protect All of Your Device Screens

Especially for businesses where the setting can cause screen damage, know that Photodon has the perfect solution for you! Install a screen protector on your valuable assets. We recommend a couple of superior choices of film types for these environments where your devices are at a high risk of damage.

HSC (Hard Shock Absorbing)

This superior clear material is highly resistant to blunt force impacts because there is an extra layer that acts like a shock absorber. This material type also provides hardness that has great scratch protection. Additionally, HSC contains anti-microbial properties and is very easy to clean.


9HO is our great clear material that has extreme scratch resistance. It has the highest hardness of all our screen protector material types as well and is very easy to clean. To learn more about what this high-quality material can do, please read this post.


Photodon can significantly help you avoid unplanned downtime caused by broken or cracked device screens. The cost of purchasing and installing screen protectors on your devices far outweighs the costs of replacing your valuable equipment. Our screen protectors are high-quality, economical, and long-lasting.

Additionally, Photodon's screen protectors are manufactured in the USA. We process all orders in the USA as well.

If your company needs a solution for protecting your expensive electronic equipment, please call us at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00a.m – 5:00pm EST. You can also email us at [email protected].