Clean Up with Photodon's Incredible Screen Cleaning Kits

July 6, 2010 | By Don Basch

The screen cleaning kits offered in our store are carefully and thoughtfully put together. Here at, we take in consideration that sometimes it's a little bit easier for our customers if the best microfiber cloth is placed with the best cleaner; a match that has already been successfully tested and tried by us and others.

Using paper towels, tissue, or any linty material is definitely an improper cleaning method of your screen. Not only can these materials leave behind an unpleasant lint trail all over your screen, but on screens such as LCD's and screens with anti-glare coating, they can be abrasive causing scratches.
Using the proper microfiber cloth is crucial when it comes to screen cleaning! You want to be sure that the material is free of or is low lint and is nonabrasive.
The cloths that we include in our screen cleaning kits have been carefully paired up with the screen cleaner they come with. Most of our screen cloths in our kits have a smooth feel to them; some have a suede feel. Both are ideal for screen cleaning as they pick up dust over the screen and move freely/smoothly over the surface. Best part: no linty trail!
For more specific microfiber cloth information see our Which Microfiber Cloth should I Choose" Blog: July 2010.

When it comes to what to actually use to clean your screen, in most cases you can dampen a microfiber cloth with water and it gets the job done. Although for more critical cleaning that will last a little longer, we have hand selected some of the best screen cleaners on the market! Some people ask why it isn't safe to just use the glass cleaner they already have to clean their screens. Products like Windex that contain ammonia and other harsh chemicals will damage a LCD screen, will leave behind horrible streaking/staining on other materials, and in some cases it will remove any anti-glare coating on the screen which is almost never repairable and very expensive to replace.
The cleaners we offer are specifically formulated to clean highly sensitive materials and screens with anti-glare coatings. You won't find ammonia or isopropyl alcohol in our cleaners! No streaking, no staining! In fact, our Photodon Ultra cleaner is made of natural/herbal ingredients. Although safe and gentle like water, this cleaner will remove streaks left behind by other cleaners, dust and finger prints.

We are proud to offer these screen cleaning kits that we do as we've worked very hard to put only what you really need in them. Most come with a re-closable bag to keep your cloths clean and keep the instructions/screen cleaning tips handy. Need Screen Cleaning Tips?

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