Why are Photodon PET Screen Protectors Better Than Tempered Glass?

February 8, 2022 | By Jenny Sockol

What is PET film?

Polyethylene terephthalate is a high-performance polyester film known by its abbreviation of PET. Among many other qualities, PET film boasts strength, stability, low moisture absorption, retention of physical properties, and the ability to withstand sterilization.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is a type of treated glass that has been thermally or chemically processed to increase its strength. Tempering the glass compresses the outer surfaces while putting the interior into tension.

Why does Photodon Use PET Film for its Screen Protectors?

Quite simply, PET film is the better material for screen protectors. First, Photodon films will not crack or break, causing shards of glass. Second, they are pliable and can therefore be installed on curved monitors and be rolled for shipping. Third, they offer a wide variety of film types and can be cut to cover up to a 100-inch diagonal. Fourth, they are cost-effective and are also easy to install and remove.

Photodon PET films protect your device screens from scratches, dirt, harsh cleaning products, and everything in between. In addition to superior damage protection, several film types offer excellent anti-glaring, while the blue-light film helps protect eye health. Photodon privacy filters are the superior choice for screen privacy, while the shock-absorbing film provides scratch resistance and impact protection.

What are the advantages of PET film over tempered glass?

The advantages of the PET films that Photodon use give you all the following reasons for their preferred and beneficial use.

1. Unbreakable

No matter what happens to your device screen or the film, Photodon's PET films CANNOT break or crack.
Tempered glass can break, potentially causing frustrating damage to your device and to you. Additionally, if tempered glass breaks, your device screen can become unusable and illegible.

Broken tempered glass screen protector

2. Pliable

Photodon's PET films are pliable and giving; therefore, they are easy to work with and will not break.
Tempered glass is stiff and harder to work with.

3. Safely Contain Broken Device Screen Pieces

If your device screen cracks or breaks, Photodon's PET films will remain undamaged and hold the broken pieces in place.
Tempered glass will not safely hold broken device screen pieces in place since the screen protector will likely be broken as well.

4. Offer Numerous Film Options

Photodon has 13 different PET film material options, all of which offer superior screen protection and advantages. Please follow this link for more detailed information about film types.
Tempered glass, on the other hand, does not have different options because there simply are no other options.

Anti-Glare Films

MXH (25% anti-glare): has a light matte finish and a paper-like feel for artists. Most popular for drawing tablets and in-dash screens.

MXT (50% anti-glare): has a medium matte finish and a paper-like feel for artists. Great option for churches and outdoor displays.

MXG (85% anti-glare): has the highest glare reduction and matte finish. Recommended for large displays.

AGB (blue light cut 85% anti-glare): has the highest glare reduction and matte finish, along with blue light cutting properties. Popular and recommended for tablets and computer monitors.

HSG (shock-absorbing 85% anti-glare): has the highest glare reduction and matte finish. Most popular for and recommended for devices that have a high risk of damage. Provides impact protection and scratch resistance.

Clear Films

AMC (anti-microbial clear): Anti-microbial coating kills 99+% of bacteria. Popular for devices used in the medical field. Most beneficial for touchscreens and works well with a stylus.

MXO (basic clear): Most cost-effective clear film. Recommended for all devices. Popular for drawing tablets.

HSC (hard shock-absorbing clear): Most popular for and recommended for devices that are used in the toughest conditions. Provides impact and scratch protection, with anti-microbial and oleophobic properties.

9HO (scratch-resistant clear): Recommended for devices that have a high risk of damage. Most popular for drawing tablets and devices in the industrial field.

MXB (blue light cut clear): Recommended for most devices, and most popular for tablets and computer monitors. Cuts up to 93% of blue light. Helps reduce eye strain.

Privacy Filters

P2L (2-way privacy): Adheres with double-sided strips that attach around the perimeter of the device screen. Filter begins reducing screen viewing from the left and right sides at 30 degrees and becomes nearly black at 45 degrees.

P2S (2-way privacy with silicone backing): Adheres to the device screen with a full silicone backing. Filter begins reducing screen viewing from the left and right sides at 30 degrees and becomes nearly black at 45 degrees.

P4S (4-way privacy with silicone backing): Adheres to the device screen with a full silicone backing. Filter begins reducing screen viewing from the left, right, top, and bottom at 30 degrees and becomes nearly black at 45 degrees.

5. Cost-Effective

Photodon's PET films typically cost less than tempered glass, making them a cost-effective choice.

6. Perfect for Curved Monitors

With curved computer monitors having become more and more popular, Photodon's pliable PET screen protectors and privacy filters can be installed on these screens with no issue.
On the other hand, no tempered glass screen protector will work on curved monitors.

7. Easy to Install

Photodon includes all the materials needed to help make installation more easily successful and professional-looking. In order to help with the process, Photodon includes one of two different installation kits with its PET screen protectors that include the following:

Standard Installation KitDeluxe Installation and Care Kit
–comprehensive instructions–comprehensive instructions
–3 Zeiss wipes–1-oz bottle of anti-scratch cleaner
–silky microfiber cloth (7" x 6")–1-oz bottle of anti-static spray
–squeegee–silky microfiber cloths (7" x 6" and 14" x 14")
–tacky tape–suede microfiber cloth (16" x 12")
–dust removal foam tape
–latex gloves

If you need to restart the installation process or partially lift it up to remove dust while using a Photodon PET film, you can easily lift up just the affected corner and fix the issue.

However, if there is a need to fix an issue during the installation of a tempered glass screen protector, you are required to remove the entire protector and completely start over.

8. Easy to Clean

Photodon's PET films are very easy to clean, and all the cleaning supplies you need are included with your order. Tempered glass has different, multi-step methods for cleaning. Cleaning supplies are not always included in the order.

9. Easy to Remove

Photodon's PET films are extremely easy to remove. You only need to peel it up from any corner, and there is no residue left behind that can damage the screen.
Tempered glass, on the other hand, is harder to remove – heating is necessary, and cracking can happen. See this link: 3 Ways to Remove Tempered Glass – wikiHow

10. Available in Large Sizes

Many of Photodon's PET films can be installed on large devices, and the MXH film type is even available in sizes up to 100 inches in diagonal!
Tempered glass, however, has restricted sizing and is usually only available for devices like cell phones and tablets.

11. Can be Custom Cut for Any Shape Device

Custom cutting is Photodon's specialty, laser-cutting the PET films into any shape and almost any size. Camera holes, notches, or different corners are no problem for Photodon either.
With tempered glass, customization is not possible. Because of this, selections are limited.

12. Lightweight

Photodon's PET films are lightweight, making your device easier to handle, carry, and use.
Tempered glass is typically a heavier material and can add unnecessary weight to your device.

13. Recycable

Photodon's PET films are all recyclable.
Tempered glass is commonly not recyclable because its chemically-altered strength is not accepted in many recycling locations.


As you can see by the evidence, Photodon's PET films are the obvious and most desirable option when shopping for a screen protector. Whether you need a screen protector for your phone, your curved monitor, or ANYTHING else, you will be completely satisfied with a Photodon PET film.

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