How to Protect Your Device Screen with Photodon's Help

| By Mandy Peterson

Here at, we offer screen protectors for hundreds of devices, with the choice of several different material types. On the main screen protector page, we suggest reasons as to why it's a good idea to use a screen protector; however, most people have absolutely no idea why screen protectors are so great.

So let me tell you why it is such a good idea to protect your screen:

  • If you have children, pets, multiple users, a touch screen, or you're on the go with your devices, you really should consider protecting your screens with a screen protector!
  • It has a hard PET plastic material that will protect your screen from daily abuse! The H3 hard coat finish does not easily scratch or mar with normal use.
  • The silicone adhesive is safe to apply to your screen as it will never leave behind a sticky residue when you do remove the material some day.
  • Replacing my screens is more than I can afford, so I take comfort in the fact my screens have screen protectors on them. If the material gets scratched or otherwise damaged, I can afford to replace the screen protector much more easily than I can the screen.  It does require patience, a clean screen, and non-linty clothing.

So why should you use screen protectors? To protect your screens! To keep your device operating properly longer! Clear or anti-glare:  apply to your screen and ease the stress of potentially damaging your screen.

So there's another question:

Which material should I order:  anti-glare or clear?

Well this is a personal preference, and it depends on where you'll be viewing your screen the most and what you do on your computer or media.  Some prefer to use one of our anti-glare materials at home because of the natural light.

People using their computer for color-critical situations such as photo editing or graphic designing have reported that the anti-glare materials alter the colors slightly and were visually too noisy for them, so they prefer our clear screen protector material options. So much depends on your situation and what you like. Both types do a great job of protecting your screen.

If you still need assistance with choosing a material, please contact us. We are happy to help with any question you may have.  If needed, please contact us at 847-377-1185, M-F 9:00am – 5:00pm EST, or email us at [email protected].